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26 Jan
Wealth + Health Luncheon


As we kick off a new year, please join us as retired US Army Medical Corps, board certified surgeon and pathologist, Dr. Bill Lloyd, speaks about the lifelong connection between financial and physical wellness, the rapidly approaching challenges caused by population demographic shifts, and the impact increased longevity will have on America's retirees, as he assesses U.S. adults' levels of preparedness for retired life.  

Wealth + Health: The Ultimate Wellness Prescription: This presentation identifies innovative resources that promote financial and physical wellness.

Note: 1. Abmeyer Wealth has conducted due diligence on Dr. Bill Lloyd – see attached bio for his credentials. 2. TransAmerica is covering a portion of the cost for the meal provided as part of the presentation. There are no direct or indirect compensation arrangements outside between TransAmerica or Dr. Lloyd. 3. If you purchase any insurance products as a result of this meeting through TransAmerica or another carrier, I stand to earn compensation, therefore I am disclosing that as a conflict of interest 4. Neither ORG Partners or Abmeyer Wealth is affiliated with Transamerica or Dr. Bill Lloyd. ORG Partners and Abmeyer Wealth do not endorse the testimonial of Transamerica and/or Dr. Bill Lloyd. Any recommendations to purchase Transamerica products will be based on individual client goals and objectives and evaluated against other reasonably alternative products.

Date and Time

Thu, Jan 26, 2023

11:30a - 12:30p CST


Park City Club

5956 Sherry Ln #1700
Dallas , TX 75225


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